A unified world is coming

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Monday, 15th of April 2024

Later this early summer, all Tendfor customers will get a revolutionary new Teams app and web interface that will help boost productivity and customer service levels.  

For the first time in any native Microsoft Teams contact center, we are offering a truly unified interface that incorporates all of the advanced contact center information and controls, but also essentials like caller ID-based contact views in systems like Dynamics 365.

This gives professional contact center agents total information and control directly in Teams, without having to switch between applications or views.

In true Tendfor tradition, the interface will be customizable to suit your specific workflow, and it will include fully professional attendant console functionality for all users.

New features like real-time performance gauges and alerts are also among the host of new features and possibilities coming in this May-June release.

As always, we thank our amazing development team for their tireless work and innovation.