What a year

Saturday, 31st of December 2022

At Tendfor, we would like to thank our amazing customers and partners for another magical year.

It is hard to believe that since the end of 2019 and the release of our unique Microsoft Teams contact center and attendant console, we have achieved milestones like becoming the world’s first all API-based production platform for Microsoft Teams contact center/attendant console, and the first to be Microsoft certified for API-based native Teams contact center, having paying customers in 17 countries, serving many of the world’s largest organizations, including 10 customers with over 100,000 seats, and several with over 200,000.

This year also marks another year with more than doubled turnover, a year we exit with more than double the license subscription base we had at the start of 2022, and our first year of healthy profitability.

Turning profitable was achieved much faster than we ever anticipated, after only three years in production and with continued heavy investment in development to remain at the cutting edge when it comes to releasing new features for the Microsoft contact center ecosystem.

We are humbled by all of this, and it makes us look forward even more keenly to the continued writing of history with you – our friends, partners, and customers – during 2023, and beyond.

Happy New Year!