Tuesday, 9th of April 2013

Super Force Joins our Development Team

Relevo proudly welcomes our latest recruit – Matias Krebs – who will strengthen our telecom development team. Matias, joining us from Trio/Enghouse Interactive, has just the drive and knowledge we need in our efforts to build the smartest and best solutions for the exciting frontiers joining telecom and IT Infrastructure. We are thrilled with the prospect of working with him!

Thursday, 7th of February 2013

Relevo Communication Summit 2013

We took our entire team to the quaint Italian mountain village of Alagna, for a 3 day seminar on future infrastructural demands on telecom platforms. The stay also provided setting for inspiring dinners together, and amazing outings on skis in the impressive Monterosa mountain range.

Thursday, 10th of January 2013

New and Exciting Development Project

We are now launching our major venture, aimed at assembling the tools and platforms needed to help enterprise organizations fully benefit from the possibilities offered by Microsoft Lync.

A few of our senior telecom consultants will spend almost all of their time on this project. Hence, the project, that will span several years, will lead to significantly reduced turnover and profit for Relevo AB in the short term. More information on this exciting project will likely... Read More »